Series Registration

Membership Has Its Privileges: Your series registration is your ticket to a number of exclusive benefits – inclusion in the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series annual awards as well as series specific contingency programs, product discounts, awards and prizing at every event.

Contact [email protected] to register for the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series.

  • 2024 Membership Form is available as PDF here.  It can be emailed, mailed or brought to a meeting or event.


Rules and Regulations

CASC-OR Road Race Regulations, General Competition Rules and Bulletins are available here.

2019 OFFC General Meeting presentation is available here.

2020 OFFC General Meeting Presentation cancelled due to COVID

2021 OFFC General Meeting Presentation cancelled due to COVID

2022 OFFC General Meeting Presentation cancelled due to COVID


Series Classes

There are two classes eligible for the points championship:

  • The “A” class is for chassis built in 1995 and newer
  • The “B” class is for chassis built in 1994 and older

The date of manufacture is for the individual car, not the model. If a prototype of your car was built prior to 1994 but wasn’t released in production until post January 1, 1995, you are Class “A”. It is the responsibility of the car owner/driver to consult the CASC-OR Road Race, General Competition and Formula 1600 Regulations to ensure their vehicle meets the class specifications.  All cars with the Honda Fit power unit are assigned the A Class regardless of year of chassis.

Toyo Proxes R888R

The Toyo Proxes R888R will be the tire used for the 2021 season.  Tires are available through Britain West Motorsport or Braiden Motorsport . Please order your tires before the weekend to ensure the best service on the weekend.

  • Fronts 185/60/13
  • Rears 205/60/13

Series Points

Awarded points are the same for each of F1600 class A and class B, however the overall Toyo Tires F1600 Champion will be the class A winner. In 2022 there are 18 championship races with 1 drop.

Non-series drivers will not be awarded points but will be a place holder in the finishing order of each race weekend.

Details for the points scoring are documented in CASC Race Regulations Section 7 of Appendix P

All cars up to 15th place that complete 50% of the overall winner’s distance (rounded up) will receive points as awarded below.

A summary is listed here: (if there is a contradiction with the  CASC – OR Race Regulations – the CASC-OR Race Regulations are declared as the valid source).

Point distribution for each race is the following: (based on 3 races/event, 3 or more cars entered per class)

1st = 30 pts
2nd = 24 pts
3rd = 19 pts
4th = 15 pts
5th = 12 pts
6th = 10 pts
7th = 9 pts
8th = 8 pts
9th = 7 pts
10th = 6 pts
11th = 5 pts
12th = 4 pts
13th = 3 pts
14th = 2 pts
15th = 1 pt

* Disqualifications shall not count as a dropped score


Are CASC-OR rules the same as SCCA other than allowing the Honda engine?

Other than the spec Toyo Tire the rulebook is basically identical.  We advise you take the time to look over the CASC-OR Race Regulations and Appendix O.

Are the F1600s grouped with other cars?
No, the F1600s run in their own group.
Are there test days on the Friday leading into each event?
For most events, yes. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park organizes the test days prior to their weekends. The same is true for events at Shannonville Motorsport Park and Calabogie Motorsports Park.
How are car numbers issued for visiting racers if their numbers are in use by Ontario drivers?
Competitors who have non-registered numbers shall, where appropriate, add “1” as a prefix to the number already on the car.

Competitors who do not have CASC-OR registered numbers are not eligible for Championship Series points. They shall be assigned a number by the registrar when they enter the Event to avoid duplication within a race group.

How old must a driver be to race in the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series?
A 15 year-old may apply for a Junior Regional Automobile Race Licence subject to the following conditions; All applicants must have achieved their 15 birthday – no exceptions, produce a valid karting licence issued by ASN Canada FIA or an ASN-affiliated kart club, and proof of competing in at least two full seasons of ASN-sanctioned kart racing, have successfully completed an ASN-recognised race driving school, and have passed the normal ASN medical examination for a first-time application.
If I am from the USA and want to try the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series will my U.S. racing license be recognized?
If you are a U.S. resident, race licenses issued by SCCA and some other U.S. sanctioning bodies will be recognized. Please consult the CASC-OR to confirm your sanctioning body is on the approved list. However to be scored or receive any contingency prizes/monies in the championship you must be a member of a CASC-OR recognized club and be registered in the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series.
If I have any further questions, who should I talk to?
You can reach out to any of our steering committee members or officials. The contact info is available on the contact page, if they cannot answer your questions themselves they will put you in touch with someone who can.
Is there tire service at the track?
Yes, there is always a series supporter tire company that offers mounting and balancing at the track. It is however recommended you order your tires from Britain West Motorsport or Braidan Tire before the weekend to be sure you have a supply.
What is the Can Am Cup?

The CanAm cup is our annual flagship race.  The Cup is awarded to the overall winner of the Saturday race at an event chosen at the beginning of the season. Check the Schedule page for the current year’s chosen date.  It is a regular points race but a special award is given to the driver who wins it.

What is the Oliver Clubine Memorial Cup?
The Oliver Clubine Memorial Cup is our annual flagship race for B Class and is awarded to the winner of the B Class race on Saturday at the VARAC Vintage Grand Prix event. It is a regular points race but a special award is given to the driver who wins it.
What is the typical weekend race schedule?

At each race event (unless otherwise specified in the event supplemental regulations and schedule)

Practice 20 minutes
Qualifying 15 minutes
Race One 22 minutes

Warm Up 5 – 10 minutes
Race Two 22 minutes
Race Three 22 minutes

Why is the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship so highly ranked among Formula 1600 series around the world?

Several reasons, firstly, we are an all Formula 1600 grid, that means no mixing of classes with different cars and performance . We have an excellent support program, with our own tire supplier, continued parts supplier (BWM), series officials whom are dedicated to us and make sure things run smoothly and keep us up to date. Our timing and scoring representative actually hands out our results to the competitors within minutes of the sessions. We also have a dedicated paddock which promotes a great camaraderie among the competitors and teams . We have several social gatherings during the season. The Toyo Tires F1600 Championship also boasts a fantastic alumni with several of our past drivers going on to great success.