How can you get on the grid in the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship? Arrive-and-drive with an established team; find a car and run it yourself; or combine the two by buying your own car and tapping into the expertise of an existing team and setting up shop under its tent. That’s what Matt Gidman did last year after graduating from Wilfred Laurier University, as the 22-year-old set up with Britain West Motorsports and raced the first two events of his four-wheel career… on asphalt anyway! Read on to find out more!


How long have you been racing?
I started racing motocross when I was 13, but after a few years of that my mom was relieved to hear I was switching to four wheels. I began ice racing when I was 16 and decided cars were definitely my future.

How long have you raced F1600?
Last season was my first time racing in F1600, unfortunately I missed most of the season and only attended a couple events.

How many race cars have you owned?
My dad has been racing for years so we’ve had quite a variety of cars come through our garage over time.

What is your # and why did you choose it?
I chose #04 as that’s the number I started racing with in motocross and it has treated me well over the years!

What other classes have you raced?
I haven’t raced any other classes of cars on pavement yet, but I hope to try out many more in the future.

What track raced has been your favourite and why?
I’ve driven very few tracks in open-wheel cars and only officially raced at Mosport, so for now that stays at the top!

What track would you love to race around and why?
For sure the Nurburgring is a dream of mine, after all who wouldn’t want to conquer the ‘Ring? I’ve watched an event there recently and the track is so wild I’d love to have a go.

What is your greatest racing memory?
A great memory of mine was when my dad and I both won our classes during an ice racing weekend a few years ago, won’t forget that one.

Favourite driver from any generation and why?
My favourite driver is John Surtees because he was doing it all at such an iconic time. On both four and two wheels he was a legend and a fantastic driver. When men were men!

Do you plan to be on the grid in 2018?
Yes, looking forward to a full season with Britain West this year!



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Feature/Driver/Car photo by Richard Coburn